This is a game currently in development. It is about a Honeybee collecting nectar while avoiding different scary enemies and dangers . It is estimated to come out during spring of 2024 and is built in Unity using C#.  Currently I and the rest of my team is in the process of tidying up the game and polishing the graphics and design to release quality.

In this project I have been a project manager, designer and software developer with a strong focus on backend. I have designed the layout of the levels and coded both gameplay mechanics and backend functionaluty like saves and network connections to Steam.

For mor information about the project and news please visit https://nectarmare.github.io/ and stay tuned to our instagram account at https://www.instagram.com/nectarmare/

Wishlist on Seam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2813220/Nectarmare/

Gustav Vasa Adventures in The Dales

This is a game  I made togheter with three other people. It follows the swedish nobleman Gustav Eriksson Vasa on his quest to take back  the throne and free sweden from the danish occupants.

For this game I was the project manager and worked with programming and level design. I also helped make part of the art and animated the characters in 2D.

This game is available on Steam page at Steam below


Space Race

November 2020 and February 2021 I took part in the Games by Her education course in C++. During this event, I made a couple of games of which one is the small racing game space race where the player takes control of a small spaceship and race along a track surrounded by asteroids against a competitor.

The game is built on the SFML code library bu Microsoft and uses Box 2D for physics, levels are loaded with JSON files using the Nlohman JSON library.

If you would like to play the game you can download the build via the link below. To steer your ship use the WASD tangents on your computer, avoid asteroids as good as you can and make sure finish the race track before the Ai does. Also keep in mind that features and levels may be added to this build later on.

Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/uvu51221bh9bgij/SpaceRace.7z/file

Underground base of Michelle Parker the Evil overlord

This clip showcases a 3D environment I made in blender for the course 3D Modeling and animation in open source environment at Gävle University 2019.

Background for the environment in the clip
Deep below the surface of the glimmering city of Isolde lies a mysterious building complex belonging to the former B-film actress Michelle Parker who now is plotting to build an army of her own and take over the world.


Play the game? Use the link below



Design: Ingeborg Asplund, Kasper Ivarsen,
Robin Regalid Söderberg, Gustav Nyberg
& Johanna Westerlund

Graphics: Johanna Schram & Josefine Forsell

My contribution

My role in this game was as a designer and programmer.
Feutures I implemented in the game include the passers,the messages in the menue showing up each time a day is over and the hearts showing over the passers.
I also tested and bugfixed the game.


In this game you play as Elena,a beggar woman sitting at the streets of a anonymous street in a city in a foreign country.
You do not understand the langue that the people speak therefore the only option for you to see if anyone care for your fate is by looking for their hearts.
To survive you have to click the passers by while they have a heart glowing form inside their contures.
When your healthmeter reaches the bottom you are dead.

Deer diary

Play the game? Use the link below


Design: Ingeborg Asplund, Ruben Rådelius,Johanna Westerlund & Alfred Lövfing

Graphics: Josefine Forsell, Jessica Nyberg& Joakim Persson

My contribution

In this game I was a designer and programmer, features I implemented include,the player movement control including the implementation of animations
and the worlds interactables such as apples and branches.


Playing as a deer wandering thorugh a forest you are part of a journey towards the end.
As the forest grow darker and darker the music and sound changes until you reach a clip where the deers dead body rests.


Game of Queens

Play the game? Use the link below


Design: Daniel Bengtsson, Ingeborg Asplund,
Alexander Baxter & Johan Albrecht

Graphics: Johanna Schram & Jocke med kniven

My contribution

In the invention of this game I was a leveldesigner and built the room where the game takes place, as well as created some simple 3d mesches such
as window frames, the door and card holders. I also helped out testing the games mechanics and balance.


This is a digitalised board game,that are heavly strategybased where two queens battle over the land and resources in the kingdom.
The players collect food,stone and gold through the areas they keep under their control and battle each other through spending resources
on armys and defense strutures.

Old Terra(Board Game)

Design: Kasper Ivarsen, Ingeborg Asplund,
Daniel Bengtsson & Dennis Bagstevold

Graphics: Jacob Segerstedt & Jessica Nyberg

My contribution

In the invention and creation of this tabletop boardgame I was a desiger and things I done in the game includes testing and balancing enemies and battle,
rule writing, and background story to the world. I also named our monsters and wrote a description of each of them which the artists
then used when doing the enemycard art.


This adventure board game features exploration as well as card based combat both against gamecontrolled enemies and other players.
The adventure in question takes place in a distant future where human left earth and live in space.
Sometimes however a few skilled and experienced individuals dheriving from different mega corporations visit the old and sincelong destroyed earth
in order to gather resources needed for the augmentations that humanity been surviving through so many years.
The atmosphere is competetive but do also give the players the possibility to collaborate in order to win over enemies and gather resources.

The game has a long playtime lasting for three sessions with each session lasting between 20- 45 minutes and it becomes harder and harder with each session.

Tic Tac Stone

Design: Ingeorg Asplund & Gustav Eriksson

Graphics: Joakim Bengtsson

Play the game? Use the link below to download zipfile

My contribution

In this game I was involved as a designer focusing on gameplay mechanics and level design as well as a project manager. I was  heavily involved in the level design and the building of the game and tested out mechanics and different board layouts in order to see which ones where best to use. I also managed the project work and planning in the role of a scrum master


This was a game I developed together with two classmates while studying at the Sodertorn University’s game development program in 2015.
The game is qite simple and builds further on the core mechanics of Tic Tac Toe. It was originally a concept for
a board game that we made during a shorter desing course in autumn 2014. But as we liked it we continued to work on it
and constructed a digital version of the game. This digital version, meant to be played by two players, using the same monitor
was then later expanded on. As we where really satisfied with the results we also went out and entered the competition of Sweden Game Awards 2014/15 entering events during the competition year and displayed our game.

The Fountain of youth

Trailer Fountain of youth

Design & Programming: Ingeborg Asplund & Gustav Eriksson

Graphics: Joakim Bengtsson

Muisc by Erik Mathyas via soundimage.org

Mysterious lands © Erik Matyas, Licensed under International public License http://soundimage.org/sample-page/  .  available at: http://soundimage.org/fantasy-4/

Stepping out  © Erik Matyas, Licensed under International public License http://soundimage.org/sample-page/ .   available at: http://soundimage.org/fantasy-4/

Sound effects: 

KysterBirds in the morning » Woodpecker and other birds on a spring morning 2013-04-01.wav  http://freesound.org/people/Kyster/

My contribution: This project was made as a collaboration with my partners and fellow students Gustav and Joakim at Sodertorns University’s game developement program for our examination project during spring 2016. My main responsibility in this project was design mainly constructing the game world in collaboration with our artist, implement and write the story,  adjust and place collision boxes and graphical elements. I also implemented the music by Erik Matyas and made some minor programming around the story elements.

Description:  Take on the rule of a man searching for his lost years traveling through a mysterious forest in search of a mythical place. A well said to have the ability to give people their youth back. But is the well, this mysterious Fountain Of Youth really what it seems to bee? And why are the forest growing at an uncontrolled rate around the fountain?

Play the game through following the link below.